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ProM-660 Portable Ultrasound Unit

ProM-660 Portable Ultrasound Unit
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Portable Ultrasound Unit (Model ProM-660)
Advance pain relief using sonic stimulation of soft tissue cells.

  • Three Treatment Modes (Low, Medium and High)
  • Easy-to-use Push Button Control
  • Packaged in attractive PVC case
  • Sold complete with AC Adapter, Conductive Gel, Manual, and carrying case

The ProM-660 generates deep heat within body tissues for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as relief of pain, muscle spasms, and joint contractions, but not for the treatment of malignancies. Great for a second office unit, mobile therapy, sporting events, start up clinics, prescription to patients. Ultrasound is a form of deep heating in which sound waves penetrate into the soft tissues. It is especially useful in relieving acute pain and aids in tissue healing. This portable ultrasound unit is great for patients who need therapy away from a office or hospital setting. This unit is an FDA approved portable therapeutic ultrasound unit, now with 3 power output settings.

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  1. The precise parts are assembled and tested under strict process.
  2. Designed with single chip micro processor, the quality is assured.
  3. Precious alloy round headed probe creates smooth, nice-touching surface to the skin.
  4. Attractive exterior fits to the human body and easy to hold and convenient to use.
  5. Micro-computer single button, user friendly.
  6. On/Off button also functions to set output intensity.
  7. Three output intensity selections to meet different requirements.

Technical Specification:

  • Frequency: 1 MHz
  • Type: Non-focusing
  • Pulse Width: 2 ms
  • Repetition Rate: 150 Hz
  • Waveform: Pulse
  • Temporal maximum power: 4W
  • Temporal maximum effective intensity: 1.57 W/cm2
  • Effective maximum temporal intensity/Effective average effective intensity: 1.57/0.47 = 3.34 +/- 10%
  • ERA: 6.16 square centimeters
  • BNR: Max.5.6:1
  • Auto-time setting: 30 minutes
  • Output intensity: low, medium and high
  • Power: Switch Adaptor
    • Input: AC 100~240V, 50/60 Hz
    • Output: DC24V
  • Size of main unit: 172mm(L) x 54mm(W) x 42mm(H)
  • Weight of main unit: 120gm
  • All values: +/- 10%


Ultrasound equipment generates high frequency sound waves that are transferred to a specific body area via a round headed probe. the sound waves travel deep into tissue and generate heat. As the probe glides over the skins surface, sound waves penetrate the skins surface causing soft tissues to creating deep heat. In turn, the heat induces vasodilatation: drawing blood into the target tissues. The generated deep heat is found to help relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms.

Package Includes:

  • Ultrasound Therapy Device
  • Sun Conductive Gel - 2.8oz
  • DC plug adaptor
  • Instruction manual


Functional Test Of Ultrasound Action

Place the probe horizontally then apply several drops of water on the surface of the probe. Turn the device on, you can observe the ultrasound action. The water drops on the probe start to perform one million vibrations per second with slight atomization phenomenon.

  • Intensity
    • Low: Water drops vibrate softly
    • Med: The water drops vibrate stronger, and with atomization
    • Hi: The water drops vibrate very strongly, and with atomization phenomenon

Full instruction manual in PDF format:



  1. Do not use over or near bone growth centers until bone growth is complete.
  2. Do not use over a healing fracture.
  3. Do not use over the eyes.
  4. Do not use for patients with implanted neurostimulation systems because tissue damage can occur at the location of implanted electrodes resulting in severe injury or death. This can also damage the system components.
  5. Do not us to treat malignancies nor in the region with malignant tumors.
  6. Do not use for patients with demand type cardiac pacemakers.
  7. Do not use on someone who is pregnant.
  8. Do not use over ischemic tissues in patients with vascular disease where the blood supply would be unable to follow the increase in metabolic demand and tissue necrosis might result.
  9. Do not use over the cartoid sinus nerves or arteries, laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles.


  1. Do not use on patient with hemorrhagic diatheses.
  2. Do not use over an area of the spinal cord following a laminectomy, i.e., when major covering tissue has been removed.
  3. Do not use over anaesthetic areas.
  4. Avoid bony prominences.
  5. When using ultrasound, keep the sound head moving while maintaining contact with skin.
  6. If the treatment becomes uncomfortable, inform or contact your physician.
  7. Do not immerse the ultrasound device in water or any other solvent.
  8. Do not use over metallic implants, especially prostheses with a cement-matrix.
  9. ProMed Specialties warrantee WARNING: ProMed Specialties warrantee requirements are that although the buyer/customer needs to contact and inform OTCWholesale regarding their problem, the customer/buyer is required to contact the manufacturer who holds the warrantee (ProMed Specialties) directly regarding the problem they are having. The buyer/Customer is required to pay the shipping to send the product to ProMed Specialties and also the return shipping to receive the product back. ProMed Specialties can be reached toll-free at (800) 472-9190. OTCWholesale will help in any way to help facilitate this process.

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