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Wellneo Ceramic Salt Inhaler

Salt Inhaler
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WellNeo Ceramic Salt Inhaler

The WellNeo Ceramic Salt Inhaler helps you breathe easily by using this easy to clean device as well as its replaceable salt bag. It helps people who are suffering with asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. With WellNeo Ceramic Salt Inhaler all you need is a few minutes a day and you will notice a big difference in how it opens up the air ways. This is the first thing you should try for your sinuses!

Questions: Call Manufacturer at 212-633-1559 or Visit:


  • A few minutes of regular daily use helps you breathe more easily and helps cleanse the respiratory system.

Package Includes:

  • Salt Bag
  • Ceramic Salt Inhaler


  • Insert the mouthpiece and draw air through the inhaler, breathing normally, exhaling through the nose.
  • Prolonged inhalation is not required.
  • Do not breathe out through Wellneo salt inhaler. When the cleansing process starts, you may experience a sensation of soreness in the throat, and coughing or runny nose may occur as your system clears.
  • Recommended duration of usage: 15-25 minutes per day
  • For improved results use the inhaler regularly.


  • Miocine salt crystals, composed of sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium in replaceable bags. The active ingredients may last for up to 1 year under normal usage (15-25 minutes per day)


  • Please read instructions before use.
  • To be used by only one person for hygienic reasons.
  • Always remove the salt bag before cleaning the device!

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