Buying Insulin Syringes
Insulin Syringes stacked in a pile

If you have diabetes, it is integral that you check your blood glucose levels on a regular basis and, if needed, take insulin. Insulin can be administered in many ways. Some of the ways are using syringes, pen needles or through insulin pumps. OTC Wholesale offers a wide range of glucose testing supplies, syringes, pen needles and accessories that are designed to help you manage your diabetes and keep it under control. Additionally, OTC Wholesale offers these supplies for incredibly affordable prices, so you may buy them in bulk and have them delivered directly to your front door discreetly.

We carry and stock many different brands of insulin syringes. The brands we carry are BD, Easy Touch, Covidien, Sure Comfort, and Global. These are manufactures that have been around for many years and have proven to manufacture outstanding insulin syringes. The size of the syringes is broken up into 3 areas, needle thickness (gauge), needle length, and barrel size (capacity). The needle thickness is available in a variety of sizes from the thickest 27 gauge to the finest 31 gauge. Currently the most common size is the 29 gauge thick needle head. Many people try the finer gauges, but sometimes experience the needles bending. This is most common if the injection point has calluses. In is recommended by the American Diabetes Association to frequently change the area of injection. The length of the needles varies from 1/2 (12mm) to 1/4 (6mm). Traditionally inch is considered long and 5/16th inch is short. Previously larger patients were referred to the in length. Recently more have been using the 5/16th inch length as it is more accurate and less intimidation which helps with compliance. The barrel sizes come in 3 sizes; 3/10cc (30 units or less) 1/2cc (50 units or less) and 1cc (100 units or less). Some brands have recently added half unit marking to the barrels. This help the patients who are taking levels of insulin that the amount falls in between the typical markings of the syringe barrel, for example taking 15 units. The half unit markings are generally on the 3/10cc barrels. Of late manufacturers have started making safety insulin syringes. Safety syringes have the added benefit of the needle retracting into the barrel, so that the needle is no longer exposed and can be disposed of easier. The plunger can easily be snapped off for added safety. Most insulin syringes are available in boxes of 90 or 100 (depending on the manufacturer). If less is needed, OTC Wholesale also sells the insulin syringes in packs of 10.

OTC Wholesale is a distributor that works directly with many manufactures to stock a large selection of syringes. Due to our close relationships with the manufactures, we are able to provide the newest insulin innovation at the best prices. We are constantly looking for the newest items, and once established try to bring to availability to our customers as soon as possible.