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Garmetrode, Electrode Glove Universal Size - 1 ea

Garmetrode, Electrode Glove Universal Size - 1 ea
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Electrotherapy Glove provides electro stimulation to entire hand. We recommend a conductive electrolyte gel to be used with all garment electrodes.

Garmetrode Electrode Glove, Universal Size
Our most popular Garmetrode!

Important! A Garmetrode Electrode is just simply a garment with an electrode or multiple electrodes attached. All Garmetrode Electrodes require a TENS Unit or Muscle Stimulator to work!

Our universal sized, conductive glove is used to treat the entire hand which is difficult to treat with self-adhesive electrodes. Commonly used to treat RSD, Carpal Tunnel and wrist and hand injuries.

  • Easy access to electrode pins.
  • Electrotherapy Glove provides electro stimulation to entire hand.
  • By increasing blood circulation it reduces swelling and associated pain.
  • Ideal when used in therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritic pain, RSDs, sports injuries, postoperative swelling reduction and pain management.
  • Electrotherapy Glove is light-weight and cozy.
  • Suitable for personal and home care, co-equip with various devices.

Electrotherapy Conductive Garments are made with high quality silver knit mesh material that is FDA approved and is more conductive than many other products on the market.

Conductive garments encapsulate the area that requires treatment and covers a larger surface area than a standard electrode. They offer stimulation without skin irritation, providing a great alternative to patients that suffer from allergic reactions to conventional E-Stim therapies. Conductive garments also provide compression, to better treat edema.

Our conductive garments utilize a neo-foam material, which is more breathable alternative to neoprene, preventing excessive heat and perspiration.

Help get a handle on their home therapy options with the Glove Electrode. Ideal when used in therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the glove also supplies electrostimulation with various modalities in treatment for arthritic pain, RSDs, post-operative swelling reduction, and pain management.

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The Electrode Glove provides stimulation to the hand to increase blood circulation, thereby reducing swelling and associated pain. Sufferers from pain in the hand now have an easy, at-home non-hydrotherapy treatment. Ideal when used in therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritic pain, RSDs, sports injuries, post-operative swelling reduction and pain management. Help your patients get a handle on their home therapy options with the Electrode Glove. The glove will supply electro stimulation from A Pulsed-Galvanic Stimulator or a TENS Unit in treatment for arthritic pain, RSDS, post-operative swelling reduction and pain management. The Glove may be worn slightly damp to improve current flow. It increases the potentially recovering ability and calms the nerves and eliminates fatigue and pain. Please do not contact with the other glove when both hands are using them. Wash the glove tenderly with water and dry it by air after water absorbed with dried tower.


  1. Remove jewelry from area that will be covered by the garment.
  2. Clean skin thoroughly with soap and water.
  3. Place garment over area to be treated with the electrotherapy stimulation, making sure that the garment conforms snugly to the skin. Garment may be used wet, but for optimal conductivity, it is recommended to apply conductive spray to garments prior to use. A suggested application of the spray is to turn the garment inside out and spray the inside of the garment. Consult your practitioner.
  4. Insert pin from RED lead wire into snap adapter and attach that to the garment.
  5. Insert pin from the BLACK wire to the connector on a dispersive/grounding electrode.
  6. Place dispersive electrode on the appropriate portion of the body. Do not apply electrode in a manner that will allow current to pass or through the chest or head area. Do not place directly over the spine. Consult your practitioner for electrode placement. Another option for the BLACK wire is to use a second garment, which will perform as a dispersive electrode.
  7. Turn stimulator on and adjust as directed by practitioner.


This product should be used only under the direct supervision of a registered Healthcare Practitioner. Product use should be in accordance with the directions and specification of the stimulation device. Improper use of this or any electrotherapy electrode may result in a patient burn. Should skin rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your practitioner.

In multiple, consecutive treatments of a patient, the electrodes should be discarded and replaced if damaged or when comfort can no longer be obtained. If in doubt about the integrity for proper function of any electrode, replace before proceeding.

Other Information:

Care of Garments
Electrode Conductive Garments are washable -- garments may be machine washed, or hand washed with mild soap and cold water; use delicate/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low or lay flat to dry. Do not use bleach.

Disconnect the cabling (lead wire) and store garment in sealed plastic bag. Garment should be completely dried before placing in plastic bag.

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