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Makrite 9500-N95 Pre-Formed Cone Particulate Respirator Mask, M/L Size (Pack of 20 Masks)
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MY-SHILED Sanitizing Hand Wipe with Zetrisil 80 Count package - 3 pack
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Biotechinnova KN95 Particulate Respirator Protective Masks (5 Pack) - Model TMD-KN95
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Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel - 4 oz Tube
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DPL II Light Therapy panel - LED Technologies
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Exel Hypodermic Needle
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BodyMed ZZAIF400 Digital Interferential Unit
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Thermal-Aid Hunter Bear Heating and Cooling Pack - 1 ea
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ProM-720 TENS & Electro Muscle Stimulation Combination Unit
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Tan Leather Accessory Bag
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Biotechinnova KN95 Particulate Respirator Protective Masks (50 Pack) - Model TMD-KN95
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British Sterling H.I.M. - Private Stock - 3 Piece Advanced Shave System
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Hyperice Hypervolt
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Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel - 8 oz Jar
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Cordless Heated Back Pain Relief Water Belt
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Ultima 20 Digital Dual Channel TENS Unit - 20 Modes with Timer
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Orthogel Advanced Pain Relief Roll-On - 3 oz (12 Pack)
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Drive Medical Portable Digital EMS with Timer and Carrying Case Model agf-6x
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Creswell Diabetic Socks White  Size 10 - 13 - 3 Pack
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Handy Bar Portable Support Handle - Model #: 3001
Retail Price: $34.95
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Pain Management Electrotherapy
Diabetic Supplies
Pain Relieving Gels
Wound Care
  • Alginate Dressings Alginate dressings are formed using seaweed derived soft fibers that create a highly absorbent non-woven material. The Alginate fibers are capable of absorbing heavy wound drainage while simultaneously forming a gel-like layer to cover and protect the wound. This moist gel-like layer creates an ideal healing environment and can easily be soaked or rinsed away using saline when it is time for the dressing to be changed. Alginate silver dressings (AG) are also available for added protection against a broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria.
  • Antimicrobial Dressings Antimicrobial dressings are infused with bacteria-fighting agents to protect against bacterial colonization within the dressing. By inhibiting bacterial growth, the dressing allows the wound to heal in a more protected environment.
  • Collagen Dressings Infused with and named after the most prolific protein found in the human body, these collagen dressings are used to protect and maintain wound healing. When used on open and draining wounds, these dressings create a highly absorbent, protective layer. When used to protect dry wounds, saline can be applied to the dressing to create a moist healing environment. Collagen dressings are also available in silver (AG)
  • Composite Dressings Composite dressings merge multiple products into a single unit to provide a lager range of benefits for the user. These composite dressings will offer two or more features usually found in distinctly different, individual products.
  • Contact Layers Contact layers create a clear, thin protective barrier directly over the wound. Once the layer is placed on the wound, it can remain there for up to one week while continuing to allow the wound to drain. For actively draining wounds, it is best to use contact layers in combination with other absorbent dressings such as foam or gauze. These extra layers should be used on top of the contact layer for additional fluid absorption.
  • Foam Dressings Foam dressings come in a variety of thicknesses and are used as an extra absorbent layer for wound care. Foam dressings are designed mostly non-adherent to make dressing changes as easy and painless as possible. Some foam dressing come with additional features such as film coating, bacterial barrier, adhesive boarder, and silver(AG). Although foam dressings are primarily designed to absorb and retain moisture, they can also be used as extra padding over intact skin to prevent blisters.
  • Hydrocolloid Dressings Hydrocolloid dressings are created using a pectin or gelatinous material that allows the dressing to maintain an occlusive or semi-occlusive layer over the wound. With the hydrocolloid dressing in place moisture is retained over the wound to keep the area hydrated; this allows the wound to granulate and debride naturally.
  • Hydrogels Hydrogels are found in many forms such as impregnated gauze, sheet dressings, silver(AG), and topical gels. Hydrogel products all contain a primary ingredient made of glycerin or water-based gel. When hydrogel products are applied to a wound they keep the wound in a hydrated state to promote natural debridement and granulation; this promotes the wound to epithelialize more rapidly.
  • Retention Dressings Retention dressings are used as an alternative or in addition to wound tape. Retention dressings can affix both primary and secondary wound dressings in place to provide additional security during the healing process.
  • Specialty Absorbent Dressings Specialty absorbent dressings conjoin multiple layers of highly absorbent fibers to create reliable dry dressings. These dressings can be used as an absorbent layer or as additional protective padding.
  • Medical Tape Medical Tape comes in many different varieties in order to meet individual wound care needs. The primary use for medical tape is to secure wound dressings and medical devices in order to prevent slipping and displacement during the healing process.
  • Transparent Films Transparent films are an adhesive layer designed to create a moist healing environment over the wound while remaining waterproof and resilient toward bacteria. These films comprise a semi-permeable membrane that varies in thickness and size. When applied to a wound, transparent films promote granulation and natural debridement to help improve healing.
  • Types of incontinence There are several different types of incontinence. Different types of incontinence include: urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, reflex incontinence, overflow incontinence, functional incontinence, bowel incontinence, and mixed incontinence. Some types of incontinence can be temporary and some can be permanent. Severities of incontinence will vary from people to people and also depend on the type of incontinence you are experiencing.
  • Urinary incontinence Any time that you involuntarily leak urine, this is urinary incontinence. There are different types of urinary incontinence: stress incontinence, urge incontinence, reflex incontinence, overflow incontinence, and functional Incontinence.
  • Stress incontinence This type of urinary incontinence happens when urine involuntarily leaks when you engage in physical activity or movement (for example: coughing, sneezing, running, exercising, standing up, getting out of a vehicle, or heavy lifting).
  • Urge incontinence This means that your bladder has an involuntary muscle spasm. You get an immediate urge, with no warning, to urinate. It is commonly known as “overactive bladder.” It is a type of urinary incontinence.
  • Reflex incontinence With this type of urinary incontinence, it is very similar to urge incontinence. It can often times result in the leaking of urine before you are able to make it to the bathroom.
  • Overflow incontinence When your bladder is full, it will involuntarily leak urine. Sometimes this will happen without even having the urge to urinate. This is a type of urinary incontinence.
  • Functional Incontinence This form of urinary incontinence is when a person is typically aware that they need to urinate, but because of a physical reason(s) or mental reason(s), they are unable to make it to the bathroom. Sometimes it can be a little leaking and sometimes it can actually result in emptying the whole bladder.
  • Mixed incontinence Given away by its name, mixed incontinence is usually a combination of stress and urge incontinence. This is a type of urinary incontinence.
  • Bowel incontinence With this type of incontinence, it means that you have an unexpected bowel movement or that you are not able to control your bowel movements. Regardless of which reason, it results in leaking of fecal matter.
  • Incontinence Briefs Often times, the incontinence briefs are also known as “diapers.” These products have tabs on the side to make for getting them on and off without a hassle and quickly. This is made for people that have little to no mobility. These are patients that are wheelchair bound, bed ridden, or have trouble with mobility.
  • Incontinence Underwear This type of product is one that you can pull on, pull off. It is commonly named as a “pull-up.” This option of product is for people who have typically more mobility than others. Incontinence underwear is made to be more absorbent than a pad, but still allow mobility with your absorbency.
  • Pads Whether it’s for the everyday oops or just to have a little more added protection from leaks, incontinence pads are available. Pads are generally used for incontinence patients that are on the go or have a lot of mobility, but just have some bladder leakage or something similar that do not require the use of incontinence underwear or briefs.
  • Underpads Underpads are typically used for protecting bed sheets or chairs. Just like any other incontinence product, the underpads have different levels of absorbency to best fit the patient’s incontinence type and level.
  • Cleaners, Wipes, and Creams Most people overlook cleaners, wipes, and creams because they deem it a “waste of money” or something they “shouldn’t have to buy”. These are the products that are typically labeled as “additional” supplies. You do need these, especially for skin health and cleanliness. Products that are used for cleanliness are dry/moist wipes, flushable/non-flushable wipes, perineal sprays, ointments, and gloves.
OTC Wholesale

OTC Wholesale - a name that has become known for quality health care products and customer service. Our company started in 2004 as a subsidiary of a pharmaceutical supplier, OTC Wholesale branched out to become its own company in 2006. With a strong emphasis on helping the community, OTC Wholesale believes in supporting the youth by hiring local students to allow them to gain work experience and understanding entrepreneurship. Since then we have actively grown not only our products offered to our customers, but the service we offer our customers, as well. One of the many ways our product line has grown is by the valued input of you - our customers! If you don’t see something - ASK US!! We’re more than happy to see what we can do to find the product and perhaps start carrying it!

What can you find at OTC Wholesale? We emphasize four main areas in our offerings: Electrotherapy, Diabetes Management, Personal Care, and Home Medical. Within each of these groups, you can find starting products, then accessories to expand and/or compliment your original purchase.

Electrotherapy, most commonly used for chronic pain management, we offer TENS units, EMS muscle stimulation units, plus all of the electrotherapy electrodes (pads), conductive gels, and other supplies you could want.

In our Diabetes Management area, we offer various wholesale diabetic supplies, plus accessories for insulin delivery systems, including insulin syringes and pen needles. Testing is one of the most important ways to keep your or a loved ones diabetes under control. Knowing “your numbers” is essential. Today there are a wide range of blood glucose monitors that we carry, plus the testing strips, lancing devices, and lancets that are needed for testing. On the insulin delivery side, we carry multiple brands and sizes of insulin syringes (used with the traditional vials of insulin) and we also have the pen needles that can screw onto the insulin pens your health provider may have prescribed for you. Always check with your diabetes care provider to make sure you’re using the right style and size of delivery device to help keep you healthy!

Our Personal Care area has a wide range of products for both home and professional settings, whether it be a physician’s office, assisted living center or a nursing home. Products range from incontinence supplies (adult diapers) to physical therapy equipment to blood pressure monitors to first aid / wound care supplies. We also carry various pain relief gels and creams, heating pads, items for children’s health, plus bath and beauty products, too!

Our selection of home medical supplies includes everything from personal mobility (walkers, rollators, and even electric scooters!), to in-home hospital beds, accessories and supplies, to orthopedic accessories. Almost anything you could need to care for a patient in your or their home can be found here.

Finally, we even have pet medical supplies! That’s right, we carry supplies for your diabetic fur baby: pet syringes and glucose boosters! Plus, we’re now proudly carrying “pet wheelchairs”! If your dog or cat has good front leg dexterity, these “wheelchairs” can give pets the freedom of mobility after an accident or age takes away strength or movement in their back legs.

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

TENS is a non-invasive, drug free method of controlling pain, which uses tiny electrical impulses sent through the skin to nerves in order to modify your pain perception. In most people it is effective in reducing or eliminating the pain.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle(s). This is achieved by sending low frequency electric pulses through muscle tissue causing them to gently contract. In this way the muscles are passively exercised and blood flow is increased

Galvanic Stimulators

Galvanic Stimulators use direct current, which creates an electrical field over the treated area. The positive pad works like ice, causing reduced circulation to the area under the pad. The negative pad works like heat, causing increased circulation.


IF sends small comfortable electrical impulses through your skin to work on deeper tissue stimulation. The sensation works to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.


Infrared Light Therapy help the body by delivering specific light waveforms that increase circulation. Increasing circulation helps promote healing, lessen swelling, and helps in reducing pain.


Portable Ultrasounds give advanced pain relief using sonic stimulation of soft tissue cells. They generate pulsed, high frequency sound waves, which travel deep into the tissue, generating vasodilation. This helps increase blood flow to the treated area.


Russian stimulation uses medium frequencies to provide stimulation to muscle groups. This is used to reduce muscle spasms as well as for muscle strengthening. This method was created to produce maximal muscle strengthening effects.

Micro Current

Microcurrent Therapy uses extremely small amounts of electrical current (millionths of an amp) to help relieve pain and heal soft tissues of the body. The electrical current used in Microcurrent Therapy is so small that it is rarely felt.